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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Master Cleanse

Celebrity + weight loss + unusual product = instant fad.
What Is It?
  1. Before we look at how The Lemonade Detox Diet works, let's look at what it is. The Lemonade Detox Diet, also known as The Master Cleanse, was developed more than 50 years ago by Stanley Burroughs. It was developed as a way to improve overall health by detoxing the colon, but it has become popular in recent years as a weight-loss method.

    The lemonade consists of 1 tbsp. of grade B maple syrup, 1 tbsp. of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and half a pinch of cayenne pepper mixed with water to taste. For those who feel the cayenne pepper is too spicy, it is permitted to take cayenne pepper capsules instead.

Why Do You Need It?
  1. Through years and years of eating unhealthy foods and absorbing environmental toxins, our colon becomes overloaded with toxic mucous. This mucous clings to the colon wall and effectively "grabs" our waste as it passes through. Over time, this waste collects on our colon wall, making the opening smaller and smaller. This waste not only harms our body by harboring toxins, but also makes it difficult for waste to pass through, contributing to digestive problems.

    These toxins can cause bad breath, fatigue, excess weight, sore throat, allergies, frequent colds, acne, irritable bowel syndrome, congestion, irritability, anxiety, rashes, hives and insomnia. The Lemonade Detox Diet works toward ridding us of these ailments by emptying our body of these toxins and allowing us to start fresh.

How It Works?
  1. So, how does The Lemonade Detox Diet work? Well, it is recommended to clear your bowels the day before by taking a senna laxative. Then, each day of the cleanse, you start the day with either a laxative tea, or a salt-water flush made with 1 qt. of warm water mixed with salt. This ensures that even though you aren't consuming solid foods, you still pass waste.

    Throughout the day, it is recommended to drink six to nine glasses of lemonade, or whenever you feel hungry. It is also permitted to drink herbal teas throughout the day, in addition to the laxative tea or salt water both morning and night. No solid foods are to be taken on the fast.

    The ideal length is a 10- to 14-day fast. This will ensure that optimum time has been given to flush out the toxins. Most people report feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after the fast, have shed excess pounds, and are ready to begin a healthier eating regimen. The Lemonade Detox Diet works to cleanse your body and help you to begin anew.

If you are going to try this great diet program, there are specific details that make it successful. The smallest mistake with the Master Cleanse, and you will not receive the same amazing results that other users have noticed. In order to make sure that all of your hard work is paid off, follow the next 7 steps during the diet program:

1. Did not flush the system everyday. While the thought of flushing out your body each day might sound scary, it is crucial to the overall Master Cleanse diet. It is important to the success of your diet that you flush your body of any toxins or other harmful materials on a daily basis. This is where the sea-salt mixture is used as mentioned earlier in the article. It is not harmful to your body and it will only do you more good than harm.

2. Made the lemonade with over the night lemons. Each lemonade drink that you make, no matter which mixture you use, should be made with fresh lemon juice each time. Using a lemonade substance that is premixed powder or other type of premixed substance will not be as effective to the overall diet process.

3. Using low grade maple syrup. The drink mixtures call for a maple syrup. Just as the same with the lemon juice, you should also buy the best type of maple syrup. Lower grade types will not be successful as most are used for different purpose.

4. Inadequate ingredients. Make sure that you have all of your supplies for the entire week. If you run out of lemons or maple syrup, you will not be able to make the drinks and you will not have the adequate ingredients for the diet. Even one day without the normal drinks could throw your diet off balance.

5. Temptations set in. While you can use the Master Cleanse program with your existing diet, you should still stay away from tempting foods that will cause you to gain more weight than you should. Keep tempting foods away from your eye sight, and out of your house, so that you are not subjected to them.

6. Taking vitamins and supplements. The lemonade syrup has provided you with the necessary nutrients for your body. If you take additional vitamins and supplements, it will hinder your detox process and would be a burden to your body.

7. Does not know your body. Do not push yourself too far. If you sense that you are having trouble with the diet program, do not try to continue. This could harm your body. Listen to your body and decide if you are ready for the Master Cleanse program. To get Stanley Burrough's 4 star book: The Master Cleanse

Why Buy A Master Cleanse Kit?

Because it's idiot proof lol and you don't have to worry about doing something wrong and risk not getting the full benefits of the cleanse.


Beyoncé Knowles claims she lost 20 pounds by consuming a concoction made up of maple syrup, lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper. Consequently sales of the product are soaring.

Beyonce: "I lived on water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for 14 days. It was tough; everyone was eating and I was dying."

These kind of diets are foolhardy indeed, and it is not the first time that maple syrup has been mentioned by someone of celebrity status.

Without laboring the point - living on a maple syrup concoction for days on end will probably leave you: weak, with less muscle, a lot less glycogen (in the form of fluid loss), and probably very grumpy. Give this a wide berth.

What did Beyonce do after enduring her maple syrup ordeal?

"After that I ate waffles, fried chicken, cheeseburgers, french fries, everything I could find.

"That was the best time of my life. I've gained twelve pounds."

My take: I have never advocated fasting because to me advocating fasting especially without professional help does more harm then good. I'm also into lean muscle and fasting, if not done correctly can eat away lean muscle although fasting advocates say fasting eats away the fat on top lean muscle. I also don't like slowing down my natural fast metabolism, feeling sick, depressed, wasting food, getting headaches and feeling fatigue when I can just exercise 30 minutes a day and get all the benefits fasting threatens to take away. Making muscle makes for lasting results not losing water. I'm now convince that the MC has benefits that go beyond weight loss and after it's over people feel great but that's not always the case. The MC is not easy to do and some people don't have the will power to get off the fast and not binge but take on a healthy life style.

Everything I needed. Great quality!, March 26, 2008
By Lexita (Kinderhook, NY) - See all my reviews
I did the Master Cleanse for 20 days and this kit had everything I needed for a great price and at Amazon's very low shipping cost it was a great deal. These are the highest quality products recommended and while you may certainly deviate, I chose to follow the advice of thousands of others (catalogued in Peter Glickman's book, Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days) who had already done the Master Cleanse. You may find these products in high quality health food stores in big cities (though probably not at this package deal!). I live in a rural area and so obtaining these items online was more convenient for me.

By Gizmo (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) - See all my reviews
I did The Master Cleanse for 10 days about 6 months ago and I can tell you it really works. I felt great! I am now living in an extremely remote place and tried to do this again but failed after the first couple of days, but I think it was because I wasn't using the prescribed ingredients. I couldn't find Senna tea, so I used laxative pills. I had sea salt, but not the right kind, and I also didn't have Grade B organic maple syrup, just regular Grade A. I am wanting to try this again, so this time I'm ordering this kit, which seems like a fair price since it includes everything you need. Only thing I have to say about this kit is that you could probably use more like 80 oz. of syrup, not 64.

By Shaun F. Bezold - See all my reviews
Fast shipping with all the necessary organic ingredients for the ten day cleanse. If you're looking to buy this kit you probably found the easiest way of collecting all the items that you have to have for the MC. Being in a comprehensive package which is sent to your doorstep takes all the burden of stress out of looking for individual items that are somewhat difficult to find on their own. At least in my neck of the woods. Good luck to all!

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