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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How To Lose Weight

Are you confused about how to burn fat? Lots of people are confused due to so many products out there and the demand for fast effective results. We all want a quick fix and we don't want to work like a dog to get it and who would? This information will show you how to get results and bring new hope to goal of losing fat without any doubt.
You may be pleased to learn that fat loss in fact very simple process. Enhancing your metabolism leads to fat loss. The key to fat loss is exercise, eating small frequent meals and last but not least proven by research, ephedrine/caffeine based compounds and when combined in a formulation, they are shown to be completely safe and tremendously effective for fat loss.
Wonder why we have trouble losing fat? Energy (calorie) balance will always determine whether you gain, lose, or maintain weight. Energy balance is the proportion of calories you take in versus the calories you burn up through metabolism and exercise. You lose fat only from a negative energy balance. One reason we have trouble losing fat is due to the body’s ability to adjust energy balance by decreasing or increasing metabolic rate.

How much of a part do my genetics/genes really play in fat loss or gains? A recent round table discussion of the American College of Sports Medicine on the treatment and prevention of obesity concluded that while your genetic makeup does play a part the fact is that obesity has positively skyrocketed in recent years. This demonstrates very clearly that the environment we are in plays a great part in fat loss or gain so to lose weight, one must eliminate or control the factors contributing to your inability to lose fat. This is a great thing to find because this information means you still have the power to change things. You have the control not the food. Bump food.

Do you lose more fat by cutting calories or by doing more exercise? A recent study reported that the evidence slightly favors exercise. Especially because exercise elevates your metabolism while cutting calories slows your metabolic rate and reduces your body’s ability to burn calories. However, this is only when a low fat, low calorie diet is followed. A 13 week study on non-obese women showed that while one group restricted calories and remained active, they lost body fat. The group that maintained their normal eating pattern while incorporating an exercise regime, lost more fat. Cutting calories drastically, will always result in weight gain in the long run.

What about the quick fix diet or fad diet where you lose 10lbs in 10 days? A lot of people tend to “panic diet” upon certain stimuli (to look good for a special occasion or after weighing themselves etc.) They want results like yesterday! Can anyone say PROM lol! However research shows; chronic dieting will get you nowhere, however a slight reduction in calories combined with more activity will work.

How many calories do you need to burn for fat loss? Basically, a lot more than people think. Some data has suggested about 1000 calories per week need to be expended to keep the metabolism ticking over and produce a “calorie defect”. This causes utilization of body fat. However, recent research indicates this may not be sufficient to maintain reductions in body fat. Researchers at Brown School of Medicine reviewed at least 16 studies on fat loss and concluded that the threshold of physical activity for maintenance of fat loss is 11.2 calories per kilo of body weight per day. This means about 2500 calories need to be burnt from exercise, every week. The data the researchers provided in this study shows that for most people at least 35 to 45 minutes of vigorous activity needs to be performed daily. However, Dr Wing, the head researcher, reported that successful fat losers usually expended around 2800 calories per week. Now these results are really important.

How do you burn a lot of calories? By working out relatively hard, virtually every day. If your idea of an aerobic workout is a leisurely stroll on the treadmill or tiny steps on a stair machine, sorry. This won’t be enough so don't waist your time unless your goal is to maintain good health. If you want to lose weight go all out and give it all you got. Just think of it this way, what's 45 minutes out of a day gonna cost you? Please do it if you want that great bod! Many people choose low intensity “fat burning” exercise such as walking instead of harder activities such as running in the mistaken belief that they will burn more fat. According to the latest report on this in the ACSM’s health & Fitness Journal, this is not true. From research results they report one can easily understand that efficient resistance training program is best weight loss/fat burn activity one can indulge in. People do get best results from weight training if program they follow is complete and combined with proper diet program. XO

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