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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wife of Robert Rey (Hayley Rey)

Dr. 90210 is a plastic surgery reality make over show on E! that not only focus on the procedure itself but on the lives of the surgeons and their families. One of my favourite character's is Dr. Rey's pretty wife Hayley. Hayley was slim to start with yet at some point she ened up getting down to 88 lbs. On Haley Rey's online site which can be viewed at the show's official website she explains why she is so tiny.....

A Doctor with an Anorexic Wife?

Hayley explains, " I actually do not exercise very much at all. However, I eat often throughout the day and only very small portions. I never, ever finish my plate and always let myself be a little bit hungry. I actually hate the feeling of being full! The trick that works for me is not really watching what I eat but the actual portion of it. If I eat dessert, I usually just eat a couple of bites. I like a lot of variety, so I'll have a small salad, a few bites of the main meal (usually meat and vegetables or pasta) and a few bites of dessert, and that's all. Then a couple of hours later I'll have a yogurt or a piece of cheese. Eating tiny portions all day has always been the way I eat and it seems to work!"
How she eats will keep a person small and cause weight loss or help a thin person maintain a low weight. It sounds like she even eats things later in the day that will prevent hunger pains. Then she does not like feeling full, reminding me of a lot of ballet dancers, so she has a high level of self control. The little workout is fine for a women that probably walks all day long and making muscle is how she keeps her metabolism fast after having two kids in her thirties.
Some people online think Hayley should gain weight and her hubby should be doing something to help her but he doesn't because he thinks she looks fine. I think she looks good too but whatever. Watch the show and tell me what you think. Is she too skinny to you?
Dr. 90210 is a plastic surgery reality make over show on E! that not only focus on the procedure itself but on the lives of the surgeons and their families. One of my favourite character's is Dr. Rey's pretty wife Hayley. Hayley was slim to start with yet at some point she ened up getting down to 88 lbs.


Anonymous said...

****1 million dollars kitchen? Yah right! Delinquent payments and eminent foreclosure is a future for Dr. Rey. DR. Rey had money to buy this house and no money for furniture. After 2 years all he could afford was just few pieces of furniture. Dr. Rey is obnoxious, phony, insolent and a clown. His Versace or whatever suits are second-hand and don’t match the Flea Market $1.00 necklaces he wears. His suits are too colorful and don’t fit well on him because he is very short in stature. About his suits been a cultural think, trust me, in Brazil even gays would be ashamed to dress like that. What’s up with that annoying scissor-spinning, highlighted hair plastered with AquaNet and ridiculous scrubs? His needs to be extremely enthusiastic about complementing women are a cover-up for his obviously gayness. His obsession with martial arts is explained by the fact that he has sex with his poor wife while fantasying about the guys he rubs his skin against on the martial arts performances. Hayley used to be more beautiful and had more meat on her body when they first met, now he suffers from anorexia, she is so unhappy all the time and she only cooks NoodleRoni for him. How many times did Hayley call him stupid during the episodes? Not enough times! That is all he deserves for been such a cold, narcissistic man and closet gay. There is no sexual sparks or any chemistry in they relationship. He treats her with disdain and indifference on front of the cameras. Lord only knows how he treats her off cameras. He forgets that if wasn’t for her parents to give him money to start he wouldn’t be nothing. Hayley’s mother hates him and doesn’t talk to him. Dr. Rey turns down patients with very minor medical problems and makes sure to tell his patients he has a team of 25 attorneys because he is afraid to do the same he did to his own brother. His own brother and sister sued Dr. Rey for malpractice because when giving his brother hair plugs he made him a paraplegic. According to the brother’s attorney, he is permanently disabled and unable to return to work as a storyboard artist in Hollywood. Didn’t Dr. Rey phrase so many times that his father hates him and after 20 years of not talking to him now is after his money? His father seemed to be living pretty well for what sounded like poor people and he didn’t ask for money. The poor old man looked so fragile and he was so happy to see his cold son. I doubted his father is such a monster like Dr. Rey claims. Now he is doing the same to his own kids. That makes him a monster too. He is an inept father, his little daughter Sidney doesn’t seem to like him very much. I was born in Sao Paulo city in Brazil, on the same barrio Lapa, from where Dr. Rey came from. The apartment Dr. Rey lived as a child is pretty decent, so why he has this need of saying he came from misery. He loves to play the victim. He never talks about his mother Avelina Reisdörfer who lives in USA, he never mentions her name, and I assume she hates him too. He does not show any appreciation for the missionaries who brought him to USA, I wonder if they have any communication with him. He makes negative and hateful comments about Americans and he wants to go back to Brazil when he is 65 years old. He is very Brazilian, he should go back now. I guarantee nobody would miss his phony smile. About him taking time out to do charities, my mom used to say, “charity should starts at home.” By the way, while doing his “charities” he was assisting the surgeons more than actually taking the lead and then robbing the honor from the other doctors. What an arrogant and narcissistic person! Dr. Sumner A. Slavin, the chief of plastic surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, said about Dr. Rey: "I've never seen a doctor flit around an operating room like he was part of an amateur dance troupe," "This behavior denigrates plastic surgeons and makes our profession look illegitimate." This doctor is a fraud: he is not Board Certified and he is not a Harvard Medical School graduate, like he claims and make sure to phrase all the time. Dr. Rey is a joke in the medical community and not respected and accepted by his peers. He claims he invented TUBA (Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation). Dr. Gerald W. Johnson (of Houston, TX) is the doctor whom invented and first performed it in October of 1991. Don't waist your money buying his stupid shapwear. This is his line to sell it: "The way we make the stitches is the same way I sew in surgery it's the same way I make a little hour glass tummy from tummy tucks". Dr. Gay doesn't know how to do a tummy tuck, he isn't even allowed to do any face work or lipo just boobs which is the easiest procedure a surgeon can do (remember the horrible job he did on Travolta's nice boobs?). He thinks he is god's gift to medicine. He is a lousy doctor with really inflated gay ego, he is a charade! Flexees brand products are much better. If you see his website, he changes it around all the time in case he gets sued for fraud and misrepresentation. I believe that the show Doctor 90210 on "E" is responsible for promoting a doctor like him as if he was reliable. I think underneath all that gay laughter hides a really solitary and miserable individual.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Rey is really creeptacular, a joke...a shame. He is nothing but a money hungry gross man who makes creepy comments to his patients such as "totally insane breasts" and an "adorable vagina". So unprofessional! He spends half the show blow drying his hair & wearing tight pink homosexual shorts. He has such an inferior complex he has so over act everything. There is something really gay creepy about this Dr. Numchucks. Gosh, his own wife and daughter don’t even seem to like him. Dr. Rey is a low rent highly leveraged player. He would like people to think he is some super rich, numchuck wielding doctor with a huge house devoid of furniture. People really hate him because he is a narcissistic show-off lousy doctor. He is not even listed on Trusted Surgeons Network. He is not very good surgeon from what I see on his show, e.g. Travolta's niece’s boobs and others. He is a fraud. He is not "board certified" plastic surgeon, Yes, it's important, and he allegedly began a medical residency at Mayo Clinic, but was fired reportedly sleeping with a consultant's husband. While he's obviously a brilliant liar, he strikes me as mildly retarded in his sleeveless scrubs. He's an immature douche. And how cheesy this dr. Gay is selling undies at Sears! Grow up!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you guys are a joke.. id like to see you guys even make it to med school.. why flame a surgeon when you are probably minimum wage workers

Anonymous said...

Hayley has lots of reasons to be an aneroxic. Dr. Rey treats her with disdain, never comes home to spend time with the family. He is a CLOWN who wants to be a doctor and a GAY who wants to be a family man. He sells stupid girdles in Sears, what a shame. Poor Hayley!

Anonymous said...

I am not minimum wage workers. I am a very successful business owner. Why are you posting comments like that, perhaps you are protecting this doc because you are his gay lover?

Aethlos said...

haley rey talking about how robert didn't have any kind of rules or structure in his upbringing... then reflecting: "i was priveleged, but there were rules..." (implying robert rey grew up feral, ruleless)... then asking her twisted mother for "advice" so she can raise their children according 2 same, but stupid haley doesn't continue the logical comparison: robert grew up to be a PLASTIC SURGEON, and haley grew up 2 b a trophy-wife anorexic TOOL. so WHATEVER dr. rey does, he should NOT let that LOONEY woman raise his kids... bcuz she's 2 screwy 2 understand that her huzzband is the heart/soul/brains of the whole operation. thus WHATEVER his parents did was BETTER than what hers did. DUH.. haley is so pathetic - spending a million dollars rehabbing a KITCHEN... when it's her frontal lobe that needs all the work... omg... what an abomination. that kitchen was nicer than the average family home... haley is a heinous spoiled rotten b... omg. haley, u need counseling...



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